Don’t Let Money Stop You!

Get to your Best Life by taking Action! Organize your Finances with Confidence and rock your Plan! Reach your Goals, step by step, whether or not you have the Money now!

Mission Statement

I help people live their best life by getting their finances in order. I know that it can be intimidating to think that you can actually have the life of your dreams, especially if you are nowhere close. One of the first things that needs to be taken care of is finances. I can hold your hand while we delve into your budget, help you find extra money in your budget to fund the important stuff, and implement strategies to tame the budget beast. It can be overwhelming and I’m here to help!


Get to your Best Life by taking Action!

Organize your Finances with Confidence and rock your Plan!

Reach your Goals, step by step, whether or not you have the Money now!

About Me

I am a multi-passionate, adventurous girl who loves a challenge. If it’s going to change my life, if it’s going to bring me a new perspective on the world, if it’s going to shift my current perspective upside-down and backwards, bring it on! I’m all about growth and change. I love my comfort zone but totally willing to venture out of it for the sake of learning.

I also love to share my world with others. If it’s changed my life for the better, I invite others to join me. I love to meet people, learn what they are good at, and connect them with other people who can help them.

In the past, I’ve found that stress about money consumed me. I spent all my free time playing with excel spreadsheets, coming up with various ways to measure my spending and look at my budget from different angles. I read tons of blogs about people who are doing the same thing. I lived frugally, allowing myself careful splurges here and there, with the occasional “F$%& it” bonanza.

When I first heard about people going for “FIRE” (Financially Independent, Retire Early) my eyes lit up. THAT is what I wanted! To have the freedom to LIVE my life and do what I want, without having to spend precious daylight hours creating/producing for someone else’s dream.

At the time, the space between that ideal dream and my reality was huge. I had what I’ve heard termed as a “staggering” amount of student loan debt. $135,000 sounded pretty staggering to me, and I know students are graduating now with amounts like $250,000 and more! I was lucky enough to have a job in a field where I earned enough to pay the minimums, which started out at around $1450/month. I lived in my parents’ guest house and was already living frugal from years of working odd jobs and then graduate school. The term of the loans were 20 years. I thought to myself, “How can I live like this for 20 more years?” It was depressing.

What was worse is that I was having trouble in my new career. On the surface, it was golden. As a physical therapist, I could find a job almost anywhere, making good money. Yay! I was working in a field I had idealized for years- in graduate school, we looked up to our professors, with so much knowledge and experience working with patients. I couldn’t wait to actually start working. Well, I discovered the mecca was hardly such. Long hours, heavy patient loads, hours of unpaid documentation time translated into getting home late and exhausted. I would have dreams (nightmares?) about treating patients. I hated it when patients came in angry at the system, angry and in pain, and looking at me with suspicion, another cog in the wheel of our broken healthcare system. I wanted to help people but this was beyond my scope.

Flash forward to now. I’ve since gained experience in various fields. I’ve traveled to Australia to get additional education (Graduate certificate at the University of South Australia, if anyone’s interested!). I delved into personal finance and opened a Roth IRA. I stayed rather frugal but I balanced it out by taking one big trip a year, something that makes sense to me based on my values. I value travel, adventure, learning new things and meeting new people. Oh, and having fun! Freedom from student loan debt would help me be free to bend, shift and mold my money around to create the life I started living before I took out those loans. I realized I needed to throw a lot more than the minimums at them.I needed to adjust my lifestyle and stop the slow bleeding that little payments here and there were causing, cinch down and take the reins on my cash-ola.

I learned a lot along the way.

I worked home health as a side hustle. I tried opening a private practice. When that didn’t go as planned, I ended up working at a skilled nursing facility, and when that started to make me go crazy, settled into where I am now. I run a part time private practice where I share space with a naturopath, acupunturists and massage therapists at a wellness center. The rest of my time is occupied by home health. Home health is desirable because of the flexibility and because of my lack of willingness to have my freedom in someone else’s hands. I can plan vacations several times throughout the year and don’t have to worry about being approved for time off. The flip side is no benefits, and when patients cancel, I don’t get paid. There’s also usually a lag time when I get back from a trip before my schedule ramps up again. But it’s worth it to me for the freedom. I’m forever spoiled and my only way out now is forward. I plan to become Location Independent, or mostly so, in 3 years. Or sooner. I’d love it if I could do it by next year!

So that’s how I came up with the idea for financial coaching. I could still work- I don’t mind working! But I wouldn’t have to be confined to one area. I could travel to other places in the world and meet with people online. I could still help people, just in a different way. And I wouldn’t feel like a helpless cog in that endless cycle of illness and debt that makes up our healthcare system.

Welcome to my venture. I did my training with Kelsa and Michael Dickey, at the Financial Coaching Academy. They are wonderful souls who recognize the power that comes from having your finances in order. It’s a simple concept with far-reaching consequences. Get your finances in order and get to work on reaching your dreams! There’s only one way to get there. Take one step at a time.

If you’re interested in what I have to offer, click here to schedule a 15 minute “Curiosity Call” to see if we’d be a good match for financial coaching! I’d love to meet you.