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Breathwork Preparation

How to prepare for breathwork & what to expect


Set up your space beforehand. Be prepared to lie down during the breathwork. Sitting up is ok if you don’t want to lie down. An optional bolster or pillow under your knees can boost your comfort. It is not recommended to stand or get up during the breathwork, so make sure you are settled in your space, door closed, family/roommates know not to disturb you. Have blankets and water handy. Set up the camera so your torso can be visible during the session. You'll also want to have an eye covering, mask, pillow, or turn the lights off. It's best not to eat for an hour or two before the breathwork.


The breathing is done through the mouth. It's a 3 step breath: Two inhales to one exhale. The first breath (80%) into the belly, and second breath (20%) into the chest, and exhale quickly. Don't hold the breath at any point, keep the air moving continuously. I'll go over this again before we begin.


Aside from feelings of joy, bliss, feeling connected and oneness, you might have some other sensations. Don't worry! These things are all temporary and are under your control. All you have to do is slow down your breathing. You can slow down your breathing at any time, then once you feel comfortable, pick it back up. You can do this multiple times throughout a session. Things you may experience:

Tetany- Your hands, feet, face, etc may tighten up and feel like they are cramping. This is normal and will go away. If it becomes unpleasant, simply slow down the breath. 

Dizziness/lightheadedness- This is a normal response to the breathwork. Do not get up during the beathing, as it will make the dizziness worse. If it becomes uncomfortable, simply slow down the breath. 

Changes in temperature- You may experience feeling very cold or very hot. It's a physiological response to the emotional release. Keep blankets nearby just in case. 


The session will last approximately an hour and a half. I will do an introduction/grounding in the beginning, and get connected with the participants, for about 15-20 minutes. I will play music throughout that will help guide the experience. There will be about 30-35 minute of active breathing, followed by 5-10 minutes of rest. During one of the songs, there will be an invitation to release with a primal scream. Keep a pillow on hand to muffle your voice if you choose to scream!


Precautions: Breathwork can cause intense emotional release. It is not advisable to participate if you have cardiovascular disease, including angina or heart attack, high blood pressure, glaucoma, retinal detachment, osteoporosis, significant recent physical injuries or surgery.

Breathwork is not advised for persons with severe mental illness or seizure disorders or for persons using major medications. It is also unsuitable for anyone with a personal or family history of aneurysms. Pregnant women are advised against practicing breathwork without first consulting and getting approval from their primary care physician. Persons with asthma should have their inhaler handy and consult with their primary care physician. 


Be gentle with yourself after a session. Allow time to integrate, journal, drink plenty of water or tea, and eat nourishing foods. Each experience is different, and you may have a completely different experience each time. It is important to release expectations and know that all experiences are ok. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions. 

What is breathwork?

What is breathwork? The breathwork sessions I lead are an active meditation. It involves continuous breathing with no pauses. The breathing is done through the mouth only, two inhales and one exhale.

It has the “monkey mind” bypass the thinking brain and go straight to the heart. Have you heard of the term “opening the heart?” Breathwork opens the heart. It can create feelings of love, peace, and bliss. People describe feeling emotions come up, healing traumas that have been long forgotten.

Who is it for? It’s for the spiritually adventurous. It’s for people who want to release suffering and heal. You may have tried meditation but found it hard to get in the flow. It’s for the those who want to experience an altered state of love and connection, without drugs.

Why do it? For a spiritual reset. To connect with your intuition and hear what your heart is telling you. To release fear, pain and insecurity. To step into self-love, confidence and compassion.

How does it work? Sessions can be done in a group, with couples, or individually. You can sit up or lie down flat on your back. You’ll need a quiet, private space and about an hour and a half.

Mariel Weinbender, artist

"The flow of my breathwork session with Akemi was excellent. Discussing my intention and diving deeper into my purpose set the tone for a release I wasn't expecting. The music aligned so perfectly with my emotions as well. Very grateful for my experience and I look forward to our next session!"

Great! Sign me up! How do I get started?

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What is SOURCE jewelry?

I make hand stamped jewelry to order with names or inspirational words!

“SOURCE” necklaces are made of brass discs with quartz crystals. I also make hand stamped bronze washer bracelets.

Contact me if you’d like to place an order.

What is Vision Calendaring?

What is it? A Vision Calendar is like a Vision Board, but it’s done on a calendar. It’s a powerful visual reminder that keeps you focused on your goals.

Who is it for? Are you manifesting big things in your life? Do you have dreams and goals you are working towards? Keep them top of mind by spending the time in this workshop focusing on what it’s going to take to get them done, then putting them up in visual form on a calendar, on your wall.

How do we do it? We cut out pictures from magazines, choosing images that represent the future we intend to create. We include inspirational quotes, “to-do” lists, and chart out how far in advance we need to start planning if we want to manifest a big dream. And we share and connect with others in our workshop!

Why do it? Because it works! It’s inspiring to look at your ideal future every day. It reminds you to stay focused on your goals. It supports in taking care of the little details that get lost in the everyday.

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Zina Solomon

MHRM/CSSR, Creator, Soul Based Business

"I attended Akemi's Vision Calendaring workshop. Akemi did an incredible job creating connection and community. She asked evoking questions where we were led  through a creative visioning process. It was so much fun to be in relationship with our wins and our top 3 goals. It was inspiring to hear what other attendees' visions and goals were. My inspiration was reinvigorated by participating in Akemi's workshop. Thank you Akemi for who you BE in the world and the MAGIC that you created."

"Akemi quickly reached into the depths of my heart and my mind to call forward exactly what I get to create in the month ahead. Her prompts opened up a space for me to articulate what my goals looked like over the following days and weeks. Now my BIG goals can be completed with ease. Thanks Akemi!"