Stories we tell ourselves

A “story” is a narrative that explains why things happened.

From the dictionary:

a : an account of incidents or events

b : a statement regarding the facts pertinent to a situation in question

Is a story real or not? It can be based on facts, in which case a story is real. But then in reality every fact is filtered through interpretation by the person who tells the story. You know the line about the winners writing the history books? What if history were told through the eyes of the ones who lost? Different story, right?

So let’s agree that story can never be fact.

When do we tell stories?

To explain things. The explanation is a reason for why things are the way they are. Sometimes we don’t know the reason but we don’t like uncertainty so we make up a reason. Or there could be other reasons but for whatever reason we choose one story and that becomes the story.

Like, he’s not calling back because he doesn’t like me. Or, that person is swerving on the freeway because he’s drunk.

Then you find out that he didn’t call back because he was in a meeting. And the person swerving on the freeway was having a stroke.

When you do tell yourself stories? Could there be another reason to explain what happened? Can there be another reason? Where can you challenge yourself to change your story?

Changing your story is a very powerful way to reframe the narrative of your life for the BETTER. I have a story right now- which is that I’m stuck in a block, where I don’t want to proceed with my blogging and financial coaching journey because I’m too busy, I have too much going on, I’m not good enough and no one wants to read what I’m writing. I’m dragging myself up from the bottom right now to write this because I DON’T ACCEPT THAT STORY. I’m moving forward despite the evidence.

So today I’m posting this blog to move forward and leave that story behind.

Do you ever feel this way? How did you change your story? Please share it with me in the comments section below.