What is breathwork?

What is breathwork? The breathwork sessions I lead are an active meditation. It involves continuous breathing with no pauses. The breathing is done through the mouth only, two inhales and one exhale.

It has the “monkey mind” bypass the thinking brain and go straight to the heart. Have you heard of the term “opening the heart?” Breathwork opens the heart. It can create feelings of love, peace, and bliss. People describe feeling emotions come up, healing traumas that have been long forgotten.

Who is it for? It’s for the spiritually adventurous. It’s for people who want to release suffering and heal. You may have tried meditation but found it hard to get in the flow. It’s for the those who want to experience an altered state of love and connection, without drugs.

Why do it? For a spiritual reset. To connect with your intuition and hear what your heart is telling you. To release fear, pain and insecurity. To step into self-love, confidence and compassion.

How does it work? Sessions can be done in a group, with couples, or individually. You can sit up or lie down flat on your back. You’ll need a quiet, private space and about an hour and a half.

Mariel Weinbender, artist

"The flow of my breathwork session with Akemi was excellent. Discussing my intention and diving deeper into my purpose set the tone for a release I wasn't expecting. The music aligned so perfectly with my emotions as well. Very grateful for my experience and I look forward to our next session!"

Great! Sign me up! How do I get started?

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