What is Vision Calendaring?

What is it? A Vision Calendar is like a Vision Board, but it’s done on a calendar. It’s a powerful visual reminder that keeps you focused on your goals.

Who is it for? Are you manifesting big things in your life? Do you have dreams and goals you are working towards? Keep them top of mind by spending the time in this workshop focusing on what it’s going to take to get them done, then putting them up in visual form on a calendar, on your wall.

How do we do it? We cut out pictures from magazines, choosing images that represent the future we intend to create. We include inspirational quotes, “to-do” lists, and chart out how far in advance we need to start planning if we want to manifest a big dream. And we share and connect with others in our workshop!

Why do it? Because it works! It’s inspiring to look at your ideal future every day. It reminds you to stay focused on your goals. It supports in taking care of the little details that get lost in the everyday.

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Zina Solomon

MHRM/CSSR, Creator, Soul Based Business

"I attended Akemi's Vision Calendaring workshop. Akemi did an incredible job creating connection and community. She asked evoking questions where we were led  through a creative visioning process. It was so much fun to be in relationship with our wins and our top 3 goals. It was inspiring to hear what other attendees' visions and goals were. My inspiration was reinvigorated by participating in Akemi's workshop. Thank you Akemi for who you BE in the world and the MAGIC that you created."

"Akemi quickly reached into the depths of my heart and my mind to call forward exactly what I get to create in the month ahead. Her prompts opened up a space for me to articulate what my goals looked like over the following days and weeks. Now my BIG goals can be completed with ease. Thanks Akemi!"